Cody grew up playing live music with his family. Studying his father's production techniques in the studio, he learned the process of making a record. The Cody Dickinson Project combines them al in one show. Recording in a live setting as a one man band, he entertains the crowd by getting them involved. Everyone can play.

Cody Dickinson is a three- time grammy nominated musician and producer. Growing up in Memphis, TN, he has toured the world playing music with his many bands- North Mississippi Allstars, Hill Country Revue, The Word, 30db. He has recorded original music for such films as Barnyard, Snoop's Hood of Horror, and Black Snake Moan. In late summer 2010, he and his brother, Luther Dickinson, will be opening for Robert Plant.



The Perfect Vessels is a band of music obsessives who care about every word and note but somehow make it all seem effortless in the end. Featuring Graham Burks (Pezz, Small Room) and David Bell (Recoil) dividing up guitar, bass, and vocals, and Justin Burks (Hometown Nobodies, Halfacre Gunroom) on drums, the group plays high-energy, guitar-driven indie rock with an emphasis on vocal harmonies. Influences range from Big Star and XTC, to the Pixies and Sonic Youth. The Perfect Vessels' songs cover love and experience, time and space, and connections made and lost. Their first record, recorded and co-produced with Doug Easley and out on Makeshift Records this fall, chronicles their collective post-20's reckoning with an emphasis on experimental, melodic, and atmospheric sounds.





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